Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The interest to pen this journal (in a book form) was borne out of a pathetic story told by my pastor in one of his sermon on Sundays. The story of a female medical student that succumbed to having sexual intercourse with her boyfriend after both have been tested negative for HIV. The sad scenario was that about a year later after a brief illness she was tested for HIV again; the result this time is POSITIVE! What went wrong? She was faithful to her boyfriend and never had another affair.
It was discovered afterwards that the said boyfriend was having sexual relationship with another girl. What becomes of her medical career you may inquire? That dream forfeited!
AIDS is a deadly disease caused by a germ called human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The late stage of HIV infection is called acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).
Once a person gets infected with HIV, he or she can infect others through unprotected sex, blood transfusion, sharing of sharp objects and if a female at birth to her unborn child. HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus invades and cripples the immune system, exposing the infected to life-threatening opportunistic infections.
AIDS was first reported among the homosexuals in USA, the year 1981. Presently AIDS has neither definite cure nor preventive vaccine. More people are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS everyday. This of course has social, political and economic effect on the nations.
Several groups, organizations, corporate establishments and individual efforts have been made at different capacities to offer awareness campaign, prevention strategy and control of the epidemic, AIDS. With no sentiment this piece is meant to tackle the campaign against the spread of HIV in a different perspective of a girl child’s virtue, CHASTITY. At the end it is the woman who determines when, where and whether sex should take place. Besides, sexual intercourse is one major means of transmitting and contracting HIV, which infection is AIDS. The risk of women contracting HIV through vaginal intercourse is twice that of a men, this making the
women more vulnerable to HIV infection.
The need for children sex education can never be over estimated. Children needed to be given sex education, be informed about HIV/AIDS before they become sexually active. That what this book stands to give, to provide for our wards and mothers, with no doubt shall contribute immensely to curb the spread of the epidemic, AIDS.

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