Tuesday, May 19, 2009


During the adolescence, teenagers experience sexual changes, sexual desires, and sexual demands. If their responses to these physiological and emotional changes are not properly channelled into socially responsible and acceptable behaviour, they end up getting involved in activities that are harmful to them and lack of guidance leads them into early sexual experimentation.
Honest discussion of sex with the kids, letting them knows that sexual feelings are natural part of growing up. Young people have a choice about whether to show their sexual feelings and in what way. Some could express their sexual feelings through sexual intercourse which comes with a lot of risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, like HIV and a girl can get pregnant. Sexual intercourse is when a man’s penis enters or penetrates into a woman’s vagina. Some could express their through kissing and hugging. It is advisable for young ones to abstain from all sexual acts that can leads to sexual intercourse and avoid premarital sex. They could choose to express their sexual feelings with no action, and this will cause no harm to both parties.
Premarital sex is simply sex that precedes marriage. That is any form of sexual activity that is done in teenage years, before maturity and before marriage. The youth should know that sexual activity is a special gift preserved for married people. Young ones should tread the path of abstinence instead of believing in safe sex.
Early sexual experience could lead to unwanted pregnancies, risk of contracting the sexual transmitted diseases such as HIV.

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