Tuesday, May 19, 2009


There is a story of a young girl of about four years old that a neighbour use to finger at any slices opportunity for them to be alone together. THE INNOCENT GIRL generously gives in to the act in exchange for sweet. This went on for a long time before another neighbour detected the shameful act and asked the little girl if “uncle lagbaja” has been touching her buttocks of which she responded, YES. The poor girl lost her virginity barely before her fifth birthday. The painful thing was that the mother was not aware of it. The mother is a busy type and often left the little girl in the care and guidance of the house maid who is just twelve years old.
We should be open to sex education which is the better way to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS. Educating our wards especially the girl child about sex, the effects and how it affect them and their immediate environment will help in making a wise choice when it comes to making decision in that regards..
Sex education should start soon as the child begins to walk, giving her knowledge of body awareness. A girl child needs to be told that some particular parts of her body are not to be touched by anybody without her telling mummy and daddy. Parents, especially mummy should create a friendly atmosphere for her to communicate her vulnerability and sexual challenges.
When she turns sixteen and becomes aware of her sexuality and vulnerability, what is the information readily available for her? The mother should be the first to tell her about her menstruation when she first notice it. Mother should develop with her girl child a consistent, positive, emotional connection, which makes her feel secured and help grown in her resiliency needed to manage the challenges in her life.
Mother should help her improve her self-confidence and ability to make informed choices, such as postponing sex until she is mature enough to protect herself from HIV, other STIs and unwanted pregnancy. She should be empowered to take charge of her sexuality. She needed to know that the sexual orgies and drives are part of what makes her human and should take positive response to it by not giving in to her emotions. Let her know that it is an honour for her as a woman to experience sex for the first time after her wedding night.
Mother, you shall be counted guilty for your girl child’s early unwanted pregnancy and for contracting the HIV/AIDS. Now is the time to act by giving her the SEX EDUCATION she needed to sail through adolescence and beyond.

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