Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Imagine yourself in a medical laboratory for Forensic test. You would like to guess for what? To check for number of finger prints on your body since birth to prove your sexual fidelity and chastity. How many of finger prints imprinted on your alluring body at the course of coitus would be found? Tens, hundreds may be?
If all can see from the perspective of a forensic experience caution will be given by how and whom our body is given for sexual pleasures. Especially in a culture that places high value to moral standard and sensitive to female fidelity. The natural measure of that is that there is certain proportion of your virtue that leaves you each time a man mounts you. How many of such virtues do you think you must have ignorantly given away? Not so sure, right?
What if your husband to be can see through the lens of a forensic science, do you think he would still want to walk down the aisle with you? May be, having discovered that you’ve had it with several men before him.
A woman’s body is her greatest asset and not to be trampled or molested by any man but your husband. What is a pride of a woman if not the one reflected in her chastity? A woman’s virginity still remains her treasure and pride, her chastity a priceless virtue and quell for the spread of HIV/AIDS.
If you are to go through Forensic experience in this context will you be proud of by your husband, friends and family? It’s not too late to start living responsibly.

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