Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Valentine Day of February 14, 2009 it was recorded on page 6 of Sunday Tribune, 15th February, 09 that the number of condoms used in Nigeria was conservatively put at 2.5 million, while global consumption of the product was put at approximately 1.2 billion. But how many of these condoms were properly and correctly put to use? This piece was inspired by that information to write about condom, how to use it effectively and correctly.

Why you should use condom, the fact is that it’s better not to have sex before marriage, but if you are going to have sex it’s advised to stick to one partner and use condom correctly and consistently. Condoms reduce the risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases if consistently and correctly used. Also condoms reduced the risk of unintended pregnancy.

So, how strong are condoms? Condoms do not easily break if they are used properly. Firstly, never use a lubricant like Vaseline, cocoa butter or any oily cream on the condom- they weaken the latex. If you want to use a lubricant use water based ones like LUBRICA. Caution is not to rush or force sex, love making should be tenderly.

You may ask if condom actually reduce the risk of contracting HIV. I will say YES, IF correctly and consistently used. If you blow up a condom like balloon it holds the air. Air is made up of small units much smaller than HIV. If air cannot get through, it makes it impossible for HIV to get through

My advice is that ladies should be bold enough to initiate condom and get to know how to wear condom for guys. It’s better advised that the woman should wear it for the man.
For effective use of condom, these are the steps to be taken at infra:

* Feel the rough edge of the condom sachet with your finger and tear open the packet carefully. Don’t use teeth or sharp blades.

* Hold the tip of the condom to expel the air; then roll it down over the erect penis; this allows room at the end to collect the sperm (come).

* After Sex, withdraw the penis before it goes soft, holding the base of the condom as you do so.

* Tie the condom in a knot (to hold in the sperm) and then dispose by burying or burning. Don’t re-use condoms. USE A NEW CONDOM EVERY TIME YOU HAVE SEX.

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